GG: Fri #11

Location –┬áVaried
When – Varied
Leader – Steve Heverly & Ben Rauch


The mission of Fight Club is to: awaken Christian men from mediocrity, strengthen them emotionally, intellectually, physically, and spiritually, resurrect true masculine community, and mobilize them for maximum impact in their families, churches, and communities. Fight Club is a 10-week journey where men are required to complete weekly challenges within the context of community and accountability while also committing to live by the Fight Club Creed and Guidelines. The group will begin with a kick-off gathering and end with a graduation ceremony for those guys who are able to complete the journey. Further interactions including posting of the weekly assignments will occur online and additional meetings/events/get togethers will be planned based on the needs of the group. Along side our weekly challenges, we will be following the sermon series study. Join with us to learn to fight for what really matters!



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