Due to space limitations this group is now closed. We encourage you to check out some of our other available Growth Groups!
Location – ECP Gym /  Young Adult Room
Time – Wednesday 5-6:30pm  //  Starting Jan 23rd
Facilitator – Caren Fehr
Facilitator Contact:  carenkamel@gmail.com
Childcare: Yes

Get ready to merge faith with both fitness & mental health in this Growth Group! Seasonal depression is on the rise and winter is upon us. One of the best ways to starve depression and anxiety is by developing healthy & holy habits as early as possible. In this Growth Group you will not only work your faith muscle but also your physical muscles. Your spiritual, emotional, physical and mental health journey is ultimately a journey with Jesus; a journey of surrender, obedience, faithfulness, and discipline. Join Caren Fehr, a licensed personal trainer, licensed social worker, and faith+fitness coach for an evening of digging into God’s Word while reading through the book The End of Me by Kyle Idleman, followed by a 40 minute workout session (all fitness levels welcome!).

Materials to Purchase (recommended but not required): The End of Me by Kyle Idleman