Spiritual Mismatch

Location – ECP Family Room
Time – Monday 6:00 – 7:30pm  //  Starting January 20th
Childcare: No

Materials to Purchase: Spiritual Mismatch by Lee and Leslie Strobel

Special Note: Out of consideration and respect for potential registrants, participants in this group will remain confidential. Only the group leader (also confidential) will have knowledge of their names/contact info.

Description: Would you consider yourself “unequally yoked”–married to a man who doesn’t know God, or espouses beliefs (or lack thereof) at odds with your own? This group is for anyone who has experienced this and would like to engage in confidential discussion of this topic. The group will provide support for those who live with this challenge. Together we will find encouragement and hope in reading Lee and Leslie’s Strobel’s own story of “spiritual mismatch.” 

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