Spiritual Disciplines

Location – The Fenstermacher Residence (Hummelstown)
Time – Sunday 4-6pm  //  Starting Jan 20th
Facilitators – Adam Fenstermacher & Abby Parker, Michael & Candalyn Rade
Facilitator Contact – adamfenstermacher@gmail.com, michael.rade2@gmail.com
Childcare: No

Special Note: This group is for those between the ages of 25-35 (ish)

In this group, we will explore the importance of spiritual disciplines; the habits and practices that facilitate a deeper fellowship with God and one another. We will discuss things like prayer, sabbath, scripture, how to listen to God, and the importance of worshiping together. We will also explore practices that have been helpful to past Christians, and evaluate their usefulness for us today. The hope is that we become more receptive to how God is working in our lives and in the shared life of our church community.


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