Theolitics: Navigating Faith and Political Engagement (This Group is Full)

Due to space limitations this Group is now closed. We encourage you to check out some of our other available Growth Groups.
Location – ECP Young Adult Room
When – Thursday 6:30-8:00pm   //   Starting Jan 24th
Facilitators – Suzy Soroka & Ryan Cagno
Facilitator Contact –

In this group we’ll break one of the cardinal rules of the church and workplace: “Don’t talk about politics.” In this deeply divided moment in the life of our country, we are convicted that followers of Jesus are called to transcend divisiveness and model the love and humility of Christ for a world, and country, that desperately needs it. Through an examination of several relevant biblical passages, we will tackle questions like: should our faith affect our political leanings? If so, how? Does God control who becomes president? How do we reconcile obeying God and government? Does one political party more align with the Gospel than others? Join Ryan and Suzy Soroka, who has years of experience working for a US Senator, as we navigate these questions with grace, patience and love.