The Forum

Location – Funck’s (Palmyra)
Time – Wednesday @ 7:30-9:00 PM //  Starting Jan 23rd
Facilitators – Matt Franchina & Nate Hackman
Facilitator Contacts –,
Childcare: No

The Forum is an opportunity for skeptics or spiritual fence-sitters to engage in open, no-strings-attached dialogue about faith, doubt, philosophy, the Bible, other religions, life–you name it! We recognize and embrace the fact that not everyone who walks through church doors on Sunday mornings would consider themselves a “believer”, and those who do still often have serious questions or doubts. The Forum is a time for wrestling with those questions, geared especially toward those who have no faith or are unsure about the faith they profess. If that sounds like you, you’re welcome here! We hope to sit down and get into the nitty-gritty with you sometime!


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