Bundy (Bruce and Merly) Spain

Bruce and Merly Bundy are our global workers in Madrid, Spain. They have two sons (Joshua and Daniel) and a daughter named Cristina. They have been church planting in Spain for 28 years! They are working hard at penetrating this spiritually dark continent with the light of the Gospel message. Their vision is to multiply churches throughout Spain and eventually throughout Europe. They have an internship called Come Walk on the Edge that helps young adults discern whether they are being called into global ministries. The Bundy’s, along with other brothers and sisters in Christ, mentor and coach them to minister cross-culturally.

You can connect with this family through prayer, and by learning more about their internship program called “Come Walk on the Edge” at bic-church.org/wm

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTLRVUE7-DQ]