Jay and Judy Smith (London)


Jay and Judy Smith are our missionaries in London, England.  They have been engaging in mission work with Muslims for over 35 years!  They minister amongst Muslims by both researching apologetics (defending Christianity) and polemics (confronting Islam) and then field testing their research in places like Speaker’s Corner (a platform where Jay can speak uncensored and confront Islam’s foundations).  They then can employ what they learn with face-to-face encounters in public debates, in schools, on TV, on the radio, and in print.  

Through Pfander Centre for Apologetics, a 42 week course was developed for missionaries to the Muslim world.  Jay believes in reproducing what he learns and applying it in others, to raise up a whole generation of people who can engage with Muslims publicly.  

You can connect with this mission through prayer, and by seeing the Smith’s mission in action for yourself at www.pfander.uk/ and videos at www.youtube.com/user/PfanderFilms