Sheryl Fahnestock (Mozambique)

I don’t have any grand idea that I can be a “better servant” here in Africa than in America.  There are PLENTY of ways to serve others in America or in any other developed country in the world (and I encourage EVERYONE to do some type of service…  it’s good for the “soul” whether you believe in God or not).   But for me personally… I relied on myself too much for God to deeply change me.  He needed to yank me out of my comfort zone.  (Good job, plenty of money, comfortable life–GREAT FOOD CHOICES, etc.)  Out of my comfort zone is where my true “dirtiness” shows up, and He gets a chance to clean it up.  So that’s part of the reason I’m here in Mozambique, and that’s why this blog is called “dirty feet”.

DON’T BE AFRAID… most of my blogs won’t be this “deep” or this long.  I just wanted to explain my title.  And since I really didn’t have anything amazing and exciting to share yet, it’s what you got.  But honestly, its mostly a way to keep in touch with everyone and let you know what is happening with me here.  I’m hoping to write shorter amounts more often.  We’ll see how it goes.  One more way of communicating–eventually I will find a way that I will do consistently. Until later–Tchau!

-Sheryl Fahnestock