As we conclude our Seeing the Sacred series, Pastor Ryan will consider the origins of the Christmas tradition of gift-giving. Where did this practice originate? The wise men? Pagans? Macy’s Dept Store? As we seek that answer, we will uncover the truth about what a “gift” really is, and how the concept of gift-giving relates not just to the Christmas …

Candy Cane

As we continue Seeing the Sacred this Advent season, we will discover next week the fascinating story of hope and the hidden meaning of a favorite Christmas candy – the Candy Cane. While we may never know the full story of the Candy Cane, we can share in the truth behind its symbol, the truth of Christ’ birth and redemption!  

Light in the Darkness

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” (John 1:5) The Christmas season is full of light! But where did this tradition originate? And why is light so important, not only for the Christmas season, but for all year round? Pastor Ted will reflect on the significance of light in another moment of Seeing the …

Santa and the Christ Child

In a special Family Worship Service, Pastor Terry will combine the two major symbols of Christmas – the Christ Child and Santa Claus – and discover their proper relationship. With Christmas Carols being sung – the celebration of Advent – and the Christmas Legend, Santa and the Christ Child being read – it will be another moment of Seeing the …

O Christmas Tree

Can you believe it?! We begin our Christmas teaching series: Seeing the Sacred. Through this series we will be taking a serious, yet joyful look at various Symbols of Christmas, looking at them through the lens of our Christian faith. Pastor Terry will lead off this series talking about the symbol of the Christmas Tree / Wreath, and its significance.