Making Room For Life- The Dinner Hour!

  This Sunday we conclude Making Room ForLife – as we look at some final practical steps on what to do during the most important part of our day – the dinner hour! What a practical series this has been – as it encourages us to examine our lives for what is really important – what truly has eternal value – what ultimately brings the Kingdom of God to earth.

The Difference Maker [My STORY Can Make A Difference]

The Difference Maker. This series will equip you to make a difference in your everyday, ordinary life, but to also have an eternal impact on those around you. God wants to partner with you in changing people’s lives both now and for eternity. To be a difference maker means telling your story, an ordinary action with an eternal impact. You see, your story can change the world. Your story can impact the people around you, the people at work, even those of us in the …