Growth Groups

While the summer is a great time for families to get away, relax, connect and enjoy the wonderful weather, we also want to remember that intentional connection is vital to a believer's walk. Whether connection comes through playing various sports, hanging out with others in the same stage of life or taking time to dive into God’s word on a Sunday morning connection, taking time to get to know your fellow brother and sister in Christ, is life-giving. We hope you will join a group this summer and continue to grow in your faith.


Growth Groups are groups that can range anywhere from 8-15 people that meet in homes or at the church. Growth Groups are geared toward making relational connections with others at Encounter - especially for those relatively new to the church - while growing together through study of God’s Word.

 As always the desire of Growth Groups is to offer connection for others in all stages of life while growing deeper in our understanding of God’s word. Whether it’s through a marriage/family group, dinner for 8, kids groups or sports groups the desire is to grow closer to God and with others. While each group may look different, the core element of all these groups is the same: Discipleship. Discipleship comes in many shapes and forms, yet its purpose remains the same, to call all people to be fully devoted followers of Jesus and bring His love to life!