Responsible Forgiveness Part 2

In Part 2 of this message, we’ll continue in the book of Matthew, specifically Matthew 18:15-20.  Forgiveness is messy, and a kingdom value the world cannot understand. When we have been hurt, we don’t want to be hurt again – we want to get even. Jesus shows us a better way – the commitment to forgive, and the pathway to seek …

Responsible Forgiveness

We’ll continue the Freedom Through Forgiveness teaching series this week with the message, Responsible Forgiveness.  We need each other! Forgiveness provides the remedy for reversing the destructive effects of sin on human relationships and promotes true, authentic community. It is this community of believers that gives witness to the reality of the Kingdom of God on earth. In preparation for …

Forgiveness – A Life Without Regret

This week we dive further into the topic of forgiveness again this week with the message, A Life WithoutRegret. Through the story of Peter, we’ll see that if you get close enough to God, you will see yourself the way God sees you. Forgiveness is real when it comes from God, but it doesn’t become real in our lives until we learn …

Freedom Through Forgiveness (Easter Sunday)

Pastor Terry begins a new teaching series, Freedom Through Forgiveness, with the message, Homecoming!  Without the resurrection, there would be no opportunity for you and me to receive forgiveness from God, our Heavenly Father. The resurrection is God’s plan to forgive us completely and to provide the way to experience freedom through forgiveness.    

Between Parades

In the message, Between Parades, we’ll look at how Jesus entered what we know as Holy Week as the honored figure in a historic parade – He left the week crucified by the same people.  We will also look at our own personal response to this man called Jesus – and His invitation to follow Him.    

Eyes of Faith

This week, I’ll speak from Numbers 13 and 14with the message, Eyes of Faith.  When confronted with the choice to follow God – Eyes of Faith – or to give in to our fear – Eyes of Fear – what will you choose? Eyes of Faith will bring courage – confidence – the will to do whatever God is asking …

Commitment Sunday

This week, Commitment Sunday, we’ll conclude the Still Unfinished series with the message, Commitment to the Lord.  I’ll share from Colossians 4:2-6 and explain that moving into the new auditorium is not the finish line – it is the starting line!  As we come to Commitment Sunday, may our resources overflow so we don’t waste this opportunity!    

We are Unfinished

This week, we’ll follow the Still Unfinished journey to Colossians 3:1-17 and the message, We Are Unfinished.  Following Jesus is not about ‘self-rescue’ – it is about Christ’s power at work within us to accomplish all things by Him, for Him, to Him, and through Him. Please read and reflect on this passage from Colossians in preparation for Sunday morning.     …

Rooted in Christ Alone

This week, we’ll continue down the Still Unfinished path with a message about transformation, Rooted in Christ Alone. Being ‘rooted in Christ’ is not a one-time event – it is an ongoing, continuous walk with Jesus. In preparation for this week’s message, read and reflect upon Colossians 2:1-23.        

Christ is First

This week, we’ll continue the Still Unfinished journey as we talk about how Christ is First, before all things.  Again I’ll share from the book of Colossians regarding how we must bring to God our FIRST and BEST because He first loved us by giving His Best in Christ Jesus. In preparation, please read Colossians 1:15-29. If you’ve got an Unfinished t-shirt, please …