Sabbath Delight

This week we’ll dive into how God invites us to enjoy and delight in His creation and all the gifts He offers, including the people in your life. Sabbath keeping is NOT primarily a private discipline. It has always been a communal practice that people enter into with those closest to them. What replenishes me and gives me joy and delight?’    

Sabbath Rest

This week, we’ll continue the Sabbath series with my message, Sabbath Rest.  In the hustle and bustle of life, we have lost the rhythm between work and rest. Sabbath reminds us to STOP and REST – to STOP and DELIGHT – to STOP and offer THANKS!  To remember the Sabbath is to find the rhythm where having rested, we do our work with joy and delight. …

The Freedom of Sabbath

This week, we are excited to welcome guest speaker, Pastor Kerry Hoke, who will continue the Sabbath series with the message, The Freedom of Sabbath. To develop the habit of Sabbath will require being intentional – we have to DECIDE to do it – but it results in freedom! It is designed to help us disconnect from the everyday, and to …

The Fourth Commandment (Part 2)

This Sunday, I’ll share Part Two of The Fourth Commandment.  You would think that a simple divine ruling about having a day of rest would be hard to mess up – but not so. Religious leaders past and present have taken a blessing from God and turned it into a burden. It was Jesus Himself who finally said, “The Sabbath was …

The Fourth Commandment

This week, we’ll dive into a new message series, Sabbath, with the message The Fourth Commandment. Our modern lifestyles are ruthless. While we know our time is finite, the demands on our time seem infinite. Yet it is God Himself who says to us: “Remember to observe the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.” Join us this Sunday as we …

Isaiah ( Holiness)

This week, we’ll conclude our study, Growing in Jesus – Old Testament Characters, as Pastor Amanda leads us in an examination of the meaning of Holiness through the eyes of the prophet Isaiah. If Growing in Jesus is a value we hold, it will require a willingness to ask the hard questions of ourselves and at times those around us. …

Esther – Part 2

This week, we’ll conclude that study as we see again the importance of standing up for what is right! Only God knows the end of our story from its beginning, but we need to believe how important our role is in God’s unfolding story, and live it out as best we know how.      

Esther – Part 1

This week and next, we’ll study Esther. God desires to use every one of us to fulfill His purposes – even when we don’t understand the role we play in the unfolding of His story. Esther is the story of one woman’s remarkable journey from beauty queen to savior of the Jewish people!    

Noah (Faith and Obedience)

This week, I’ll begin a new teaching series, Growing in Jesus – Old Testament Characters, where we will look at attributes lived out in the lives of men and women of old, and how this applies to our lives today. We start with Noah, a man who ‘found favor with the Lord,’ and lived a life of faith and obedience to the God he loved.    

Make Yourself Uncomfortable

Pastor Ryan teaching again this week as we wrap up the One God – One Mission teaching series. As we do that, we will reflect on the potential downside of staying home: the temptation toward complacency. We will find that serving and being “on mission” is a non-negotiable part of following Jesus, and discover the surprising means God will use …