Esther – Part 2

This week, we’ll conclude that study as we see again the importance of standing up for what is right! Only God knows the end of our story from its beginning, but we need to believe how important our role is in God’s unfolding story, and live it out as best we know how.      

Esther – Part 1

This week and next, we’ll study Esther. God desires to use every one of us to fulfill His purposes – even when we don’t understand the role we play in the unfolding of His story. Esther is the story of one woman’s remarkable journey from beauty queen to savior of the Jewish people!    

Noah (Faith and Obedience)

This week, I’ll begin a new teaching series, Growing in Jesus – Old Testament Characters, where we will look at attributes lived out in the lives of men and women of old, and how this applies to our lives today. We start with Noah, a man who ‘found favor with the Lord,’ and lived a life of faith and obedience to the God he loved.    

Make Yourself Uncomfortable

Pastor Ryan teaching again this week as we wrap up the One God – One Mission teaching series. As we do that, we will reflect on the potential downside of staying home: the temptation toward complacency. We will find that serving and being “on mission” is a non-negotiable part of following Jesus, and discover the surprising means God will use …


This Sunday, Teaching Pastor Ryan Cagno will share the message, Go Home! For many, when we hear the word “Missions” our minds call up images of exotic locales, adventurous exploits—perhaps even the miraculous intervention of God. And for most, our everyday Central-Pennsylvanian lives are far from exotic, adventurous, or miraculous. Yet God has more purpose in mind for our everyday …

Our Engagement with Islam

We are excited to welcome guest speaker, Dr. Jay Smith, to hear about his engagement with and heart for Muslim people. Due to a growing Islamic Radicalism around the world, and the increase of Muslims coming as refugees to the Palmyra/Lancaster area, there may be a sense of fear and timidity in the Church when engaging publicly with Muslims. Yet, Muslims …

To the Ends of the Earth

This week we continue this teaching series with the message, To the Ends of the Earth.  God‘s desire is that everyone accept His Son, Jesus Christ, and Christ alone, for the forgiveness of sin. Across all lines – no barriers – everyone has access to God, through Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Sunday’s message will be taken …

Living as a Resident Alien

This week, we welcome Dr. John Reitz as our guest speaker.  Dr. Reitz will continue this series with the message, Living as a Resident Alien. Alien – a foreign national living on an official basis in a country of which they are not a citizen. For three years, Dr. Reitz has lived as a resident alien in the Middle East. His …

The Language of Redemption

Youth and Young Adult Pastor, Steve Mann, will continue the One God – One Mission series.  Pastor Steve will speak from both Genesis and Acts in sharing the message, The Language of Redemption    

One God – One Mission

This Sunday, I’ll begin a new teaching series based on the Book of Acts. What is the Mission of the Church? Better yet, what is the Mission of God? The Christian Faith affirms there is one God who has one overarching Mission in this world: to reconcile the world to Himself, freeing His creation from the grip of sin. One God – One …